Hotel & Ryokan Booking System (KOASYS)

Available Online Booking System for Agents

KNT-CT Holdings Co.,Ltd. offers an online booking system enabling agents to book hotels and Ryokan (Japanese inn) easily. A large number of accommodations are covered by the system. There are 3 methods to use the system.

1. Hotel & Ryokan Booking System

Kintetsu Online Agent System (KOASYS)

  1. Agents book for their clients after logging in KOASYS.
    ID and Password are issued per agents.
    *Not applicable to group guests.
  2. KOASYS guarantees rooms when agents book.
    Room availability and rates can always be checked.
    Only dates on which rooms are available are displayed.
    Once the reservation is completed, the rates are guaranteed.
    *Room availability is updated every hour.
  3. Sales commission (%) is deducted from regular price, and the net price is displayed on the system.
  4. 24 hour real-time reservation.

2. System connection with affiliates

Kintetsu Online Booking System (KOBS)

  1. Your customers as well as your affiliates agents can reserve accommodations directly by XML connection between your system and KOBS.
  2. KOBS guarantees rooms at the same time as booking. Once the reservation is completed, the rates are guaranteed.

3. Affiliate Program

Japan Traveler Online (JTO)
JTO Website http://japantraveleronline.com/

  1. Providing some space in your web page for our advertisement banner. When the customers book through your website, we pay you the commission.
  2. KNT-CT Holdings Co.,Ltd. will give you your own advertisement banner.