Our Works

Case Study#01

Japanese Car Company's Incentive Trip for Dealers from Canada

We organized a Japanese car company's incentive trip from Canada. While the dealers attended a meeting at the company's headquarters in Tokyo, their wives took part in a sushi-making class given by a professional sushi chef and enjoyed the sushi that they had made themselves for lunch. After the meeting, the dealers and their wives transferred to Kyoto by Shinkansen. The highlight of this tour was the special kaiseki dinner accompanied by maiko apprentice geisha exclusively arranged for the group. As well as successful meetings, sightseeing and cultural experiences are keys to making incentive trips memorable.

Case Study#02

Worldwide Cosmetic Company's Incentive Trip from Dubai

The company's previous incentive trip had been very successful in terms of team building with members, communication with local people, and exploration of the dynamic city of Tokyo. This time, Shibuya, the center of new trends, was selected, and the visitors participated in a game in which each team had to solve questions written in a handbook by communicating with local people. (For example, if a famous Japanese comedian is shown in the handbook, they have to find out who he is.) Our policy is to understand the core purpose of the activity and to compose a unique program for the visitors.

Case Study#03

Karate Association Group from South Africa

About 100 karate athletes from South Africa came to Japan to participate in a tournament. We organized budget hotels, a studio for practice, and transportation between hotels and the tournament venue for them. Many sports of Japanese origin, such as karate, are popular around the world these days. We are always happy to support intercultural experiences in Japan.

Case Study#04

Tokyo Marathon

We have been appointed as the Official Travel Agent for the Tokyo Marathon since 2012. We not only handle the transportation of guest athletes but also offer a wide range of packages for our International Travel Partners around the world, providing guaranteed entry, accommodation, means of mobility for the race day, and customized travel plans. We have ample know-how about registration systems, hotel reservations, and logistics to enable us to handle large-scale sports events, as well as unique ideas to meet various needs, such as cerebration parties, special dinners, and tours around Japan.