CEATEC JAPAN: Connecting the World, Innovation by Innovation

June 22, 2017

We are living in an age where the notion of the Internet of Things, or IoT, is becoming our daily reality – in other words, where the physical items surrounding us are integrated into computer-based systems. Cyber-physical Systems, on the other hand, are larger networks encompassing the Internet of Things. What this really means is that more and more of our world is becoming automated – bringing with it improved efficiency, accuracy, and economic benefit.

CEATEC JAPAN is a trade exhibition with CPS and IoT as its theme. CEATEC JAPAN draws around 145,000 participants – from every level of the company, including business leaders, designers, engineers, and researchers – every year from a wide variety of fields including IT, electronics, agriculture, healthcare, mobility, and even aerospace. This speaks to the importance of CPS/IoT in developing new products and services for the modern world.

While previously known as a commercial and home electronics fair, CEATEC JAPAN has revamped itself as a trade exhibition which aims to showcase and offer opportunities to connect players in disparate industries. At first glance, the presence of representatives from seemingly-unrelated industries is surprising: navigation, public infrastructure, broadcasting and communication, agriculture, batteries, healthcare – just to name a few.

However, this is precisely one of the main strengths of CEATEC JAPAN – the diversity of the industries and businesses it brings together, tied together by the shared notion of integrating CPS/IoT into their products and services, and addressing ongoing social issues through the thoughtful use of CPS/IoT. By providing a physical space in which these players can interact, the possibilities for generating new markets, partnerships and other opportunities through conversations and new meetings are endless. The 4th Industrial Revolution is nigh!

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CEATEC JAPAN 2016-2017 Official Promotional Video (YouTube)

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