Updated April 1, 2021

CleanTravel with
DMC Japan by Knt

-Traveling in the New Normal-

The health and safety of our guests is the highest priority for DMC Japan as it has always been. We have developed a guideline CleanTravel with DMC Japan by Knt to promote safe travel in the New Normal for our valued guests traveling in Japan.

COVID-19: Latest information of Japanese Government

To meet our objectives, we have carefully selected our partner suppliers – hotels, restaurants, coaches and cars, guides, etc.- who meet the standards of CleanTravel with DMC Japan by Knt. They are all passionate to adopt new operations to their businesses and take industry-leading actions together with DMC Japan in order to decrease the risk of transmission of viruses.

This guideline is based on the instructions of the following authorities and industry associations and will continue to be updated according to the latest information.

  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan
  • Japan Association of Travel Agents
  • Japan Hotel Association
  • Japan Private Railway Association
  • Nihon Bus Association
  • Japan Federation of Hire- Taxi Associations
  • Japan Food Service Association

Our 6 Approaches for Your Safe Travel


We only select private coaches, hotels and any other facilities that are thoroughly sanitized/disinfected for your worry-free trip.

Social distancing

②Social distancing
We remind guests and all employees to maintain a safe distance to prevent themselves and other people from the spread of COVID-19.

Well-ventilated facilities

③Well-ventilated facilities
We make sure that the facilities such as hotels and restaurants you'll visit in Japan are well-ventilated.

Avoid Indirect Contact

④Avoid Indirect Contact
We reduce the opportunity to share equipment with others in order to prevent indirect contact transmission such as using new glasses for refills and reducing paper amenities in guest rooms.

Education for guides/employees

⑤Education for guides/employees
Guides/employees are well educated to make your travel safe. Wearing masks is required, and they are encouraged to keep their hands sanitized.


If requested, we can help to arrange the face masks and sanitizers to the guests who forgot to bring them.