Get That Temple Party Started in Kyoto

December 5, 2016

When one reads about the kinds of themed gatherings from the Heian period onwards, it almost feels as though people back then knew how to throw a really refined party. In those more romantic times, the Kyoto literati would organise moon-viewing parties, where friends would gather to enjoy the beauty of the moon and stars, perhaps with some sake and snacks. Poetry gatherings, too, were not uncommon: people would play poetry drinking games, alternating writing verses with sake (which could prove quite rambunctious). Even more esoteric were incense gatherings, where they would enjoy the fragrances of various incense sticks as they burned, and perhaps even play a guessing game under the moonlight.

Kyoto has a plethora of beautiful temples, though it is less known that many of them began as country villas or holiday homes for the wealthy samurai class, and it is in those buildings that these kinds of parties often took place. We don't live in the 15th century anymore, but if you're looking for a memorable Kyoto experience for yourself and your colleagues, why not organize a gathering of your own in a historical temple?

This is where DMC Japan comes in. With their extensive ties to the city and logistical experience in organising events of all kinds, they are now branching out into offering visitors the chance to create some truly unique memories in Kyoto. Whether it is a corporate occasion, they will work together with you to create your perfect temple event. Imagine the following: a sake-drinking gathering; a nighttime tea ceremony preceded by cha-kaiseki; a series of lectures on aerial yoga in a temple; a private shakuhachi bamboo flute performance under the moonlight, with the sound of flowing water and tinkling bells nearby. Wouldn't these be wonderful parties to attend, and make your experience of Kyoto unforgettable?

Who knows if they would have said this in the old days, but we like to think they would have: any reason is a good reason to have a party. The possibilities are endless.

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