Watch a maiko and geiko performance in Kyoto

July 12, 2016

One of the DMC Japan Teams consists of 15 staffers and we are in charge of projects for the U.S, Europe and Oceania areas. We not only receive projects of leisure, but also MICE projects such as corporate and education organizations' incentive packages and training.

In April, we guided 132 students from IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain) to Kyoto. There, they participated in a very popular program through which you can learn about and enjoy Japanese culture. In this program, they enjoyed watching a dance show performed by maiko (an apprentice geisha) and geiko (geisha) ladies while having dinner. After watching the performance, they took photos with them and asked some questions: Why did you become maiko or geiko? What are the differences between maiko and geiko? Is it possible for maiko and geiko to marry?

The students looked like they were having fun talking with the maiko and geiko. Why don't you enjoy this premium experience that you can have only in Japan?

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