Watch Sumo Right In Front Of Your Eyes!

June 13, 2016

Sumo is a Japanese national sport and very popular with not only the Japanese but also foreign visitors to Japan. However, sumo events are held only for a short time during the year. So did you think that there was no chance of seeing a sumo match anymore if you visit Japan outside the sumo season?

For those who want to watch a sumo match right in front of their eyes at any season of the year, the "Sumo demonstration" is a perfect program, which is held in Asakusa, Tokyo.

By participating in this program, you will

  • receive an overview and an account of the history of sumo
  • get to know the basic sumo movements
  • watch a three-game match between former sumo wrestlers
  • have a hands-on sumo experience in a real sumo costume
  • take photos with former sumo wrestlers

In the Asakusa venue, you can also enjoy "Chanko nabe" made by former sumo wrestlers, which is a large hot pot eaten by sumo wrestlers every day as part of their training. You can incorporate our sumo demonstration into a banquet at a hotel as an attraction for a gala dinner, too.

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