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September 4, 2018

Have You Heard about the Cherry Trees that Bloom in Fall? (Toyota, Aichi)

"Four-Season Cherry Trees" or "Winter Cherry Blossoms"

"Winter Cherry Blossoms" 7 days

A very rare sight where you can experience the delicate white-pink cherry blossoms blooming against the stunning fall foliage

Proposed Itinerary & Tour Fare Estimation

Top Three Cherry Blossom Destinations in Northern Japan

Goryokaku Park (Hokkaido)
Hirosaki Castle (Aomori)
Kakunodate Samurai Village (Akita)

Explorer Kyoto: See all the great sights of Sakura 5 days

Visit 15 select cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto

Unique Itinerary Designed by our Kyoto Specialist

Sakura at Shoji-ji Temple, The Temple of Flower, Kyoto


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